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Refresh the Triangle is a meetup organized around bringing together developers, designers, content creators, project managers, and anyone else who works inside the digital space to discuss and share big ideas about how to improve at our craft, delight our stakeholders, and create quality experiences online.

Our goal is simple: bring together the best and brightest new media professionals in the Triangle so that we may learn from and inspire one another.

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Make Informed Decisions: Use Metrics and KPIs to Achieve Goals

Data for a product and business can be ubiquitous — the key is knowing what to look for, and how to use it.

Michael Peach, the Head of Product Marketing at Pendo, and Greg Hyer, the Marketing Communications Manager at TheeDesign, will share their insights with us on how to establish and use metrics and KPIs — and take action.

There will be food and drink provided by thoughtbot, and space provided by Pendo.

The Talks

5 Key Measurements for Product Success - What metrics we use internally at Pendo and why

As a provider of product analytics, one of the consistent questions we get is how to make sense of the data, and what should product teams look to measure. This session will walk through the key metrics that we use internally to measure the health of our customers and success of our product. We will look at how product teams can make usage data actionable, and ways that they can gather data and calculate metrics whether using our platform or not.

Michael Peach is the Head of Product Marketing for Pendo where he leads messaging, positioning, and launch activities for Pendo’s product experience platform. Prior to joining Pendo, he was a program director at IBM where he led marketing and demand generation teams for their mobile, application integration and business process management portfolios. He has also held product management and business development roles for several small and early-stage technology companies. He has a bachelor’s degree from Santa Clara University and an MBA from the University of North Carolina.

Help Your Client Identify KPIs Based on their Business Goals

Every business has goals. Businesses that make investments in products and services expect some sort of return. For some, the problem is knowing what to measure to determine if that investment is producing a return.

Greg Hyer, Marketing Communications Manager at TheeDesign and Co-host of the Social Selling Podcast by Linking into Sales, will be sharing several ways you can help your clients identify KPIs they can measure based on their business goals and objectives. He will focus on three specific business models; retail, SaaS and business services, each of which Greg has direct working experience in.

Parking can be found on the street and in the parking garages by the Raleigh Convention Center a few blocks away.

Refresh the triangle is organized by @tevan, @joshmobley, and @jchreu.