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Refresh the Triangle is a meetup organized around bringing together developers, designers, content creators, project managers, and anyone else who works inside the digital space to discuss and share big ideas about how to improve at our craft, delight our stakeholders, and create quality experiences online.

Our goal is simple: bring together the best and brightest new media professionals in the Triangle so that we may learn from and inspire one another.

Next Meetup

On Hiring and Getting Hired: How to Stand Out & How to Grow a Talented Team

When you're looking for a new career, you want to stand out to employers from the growing crowd.

As an employer, you want to attract the right talent.

This is about how the other side thinks — it's a presentation and Q&A session on building a strong company culture, hiring the right team, and on the flipside, getting hired by that dream company.

This event will be hosted by the forces that are Ellen Gowdy of CRISP Agency and Dana Calder of The Iron Yard. They each offer a rich and distinct viewpoint on culture and hiring — Ellen will bring the employer's perspective, and Dana will bring the candidate's perspective.

Whether you represent a company looking for the right talent, or you're the talent looking for the right company: This is your night.

Come prepared with questions related to hiring and getting hired — anything goes!

The Speakers:

Dana Calder

Dana fell in love with North Carolina while studying Sociology at Salem College. Prior to joining The Iron Yard, she spent more than eight years in educational sales and support. Dana loves exploring the Durham food scene with her wife and son.

Ellen Gowdy

Ellen's sweet spot lies in helping companies grow from 20 to 100+ people while preserving and enhancing culture. She's a change almanac, and is skilled at cultivating systems that help companies thrive as they grow. As the Growth Manager at CRISP agency in Raleigh, Ellen puts the right people in the right seats, scales CRISP's unique company culture and helps build an iconic brand known throughout the region. Outside the office, she enjoys nature, cooking, documentaries and personal finance (no, really!)

Parking can be found at CRISP, and there is plenty of it.

Refresh the triangle is organized by @tevan, @joshmobley, and @jchreu.